About Us

A place to grow the minds of children and the skills of their teachers and educators.

Who We Are

I am a child development specialist with a BS in Human Development and Family Studies and an M. Ed. in Organization and Management, specializing in non-profits and learning theory. I am also certified by 2 states as a public school teacher and certified by Oregon Center for Career Development in Childhood Care and Education as an Oregon Registry Master Trainer. I am qualified to train in all 10 Core Knowledge Categories.

Since 2001, I have provided hundreds of hours of training all over the State and teaching credited courses at community college. Many of my workshops have filled to capacity because they are dynamic, interactive, full of clear information, fun activities and individualized trouble-shooting.


We provide parents and educators the tools to encourage infants’, toddlers’, and children’s innate desire to explore, question, experience, and connect to the natural and societal wonders of the world using age-appropriate techniques to develop the whole child such that they will become cooperative and collaborative contributors and creators of their own future.


  • Serve teachers, parents, educators, counselors and people who work with children of any age
  • Provide information and resources for parents and educators
    interested in supporting creative, self-directed learners with open, thoughtful minds and hearts
  • To inspire creativity, imagination and growth of the mind, body and spirit
  • Instill a passion for discovery, collaboration, stewardship and
    respect for nature and people around the globe to keep children, families and the Earth healthy.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. They’re listed here with same descriptions, Core Knowledge Categories, and set levels as in the ORO. If they are not, the training will indicate that it is pending or not on the registry.

Set levels One, Two, and Three using the criteria of the Oregon Registry Online (ORO), as well as several that are sponsored by other educational organizations and institutions.

Webinars are synchronous (meaning that all participants meet online at the same time with the trainer for the specified amount of time). An online module is an asynchronous training. That means the participant logs into an online program an works through the lessons on their own time. It should take approximately the specified amount of time to complete.

All of these trainings are relevant to parents. Although the set levels may not be important to parents, they indicate the level of knowledge covered within the module.

I have designed several curricula for students grades K – 12 which are in their final stages of development. They will be added dependent on level of demand. If you are interested, please contact me.

According to the 2011 Early Childhood Education Professional Development: Training and Technical Assistance Glossary, “Coaching is a relationship-based process led by an expert with specialized and adult learning knowledge and skills, who often serves in a different professional role than he recipient(s).¬† Coaching is designed to build capacity for specific professional dispositions, skill, and behaviors and is focused on goal-setting and achievement for an individual group.”

In other words, I am here to help your team of staff or an individual staff member improve attitudes, skills, or behaviors in a more direct, relevant, and supportive way than a book, video, or workshop can provide.

For more information, see the Coaching page.

All trainings require registration. Online courses and webinars requires access to a good internet connection and basic skills on and access to a computer for at least the estimated amount of time given for each course.

For face-to-face trainings, it is necessary to attend in person for the full time, participate, and complete the professional action plan to earn the certificate.

For webinars, you need to log into on time using the Zoom invitation emailed to you upon registration. As with face-to-face trainings, it is necessary to attend for the full time, participate, and complete the professional action plan to earn the certificate.

For asynchronous trainings, upon registration you will receive and email with information on how to log into Moodle. If this is your first course with Garden of Learning (GoL), there is a brief mandatory orientation to ensure that you are able to make the most of learning in the online environment. Then the course you registered for will be available for you to start at whatever time is most convenient for you. Be prepared to devote the full estimated time in order to complete all of the required components, including readings, videos, online activities, some writing, and occasional hands-on practice, all of which are required to meet the objectives.

We hope you understand the value of attending these courses, online or in-person. Your experience, curiosity, and willingness to learn will make all the difference in your own and your peers’ learning experience.

For any more questions that you might have Contact Us

"This was one of the best classes I have been to in this conference because [of] the amount of relevant information to our jobs. Jennifer was very knowledgeable and excited about the topic. She covered a lot of information - great use of time! Her materials were nicely organized and easy to follow."

- Participant