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Temperaments Part 1: Working with Temperaments - Asynchronous mini-course on Moodle (and 5 other parts to the Temperaments series)

Why do some kids touch your heart while others drive you crazy? Why do my guidance techniques and environment work for some kids but not others? “I just don’t understand this kid!” The first part in a series, learn how to identify temperaments, then make a plan to work with your kids while still developing a strong sense of independence. 

Q&A for teachers instructing online

Are you looking for ways to effectively modify classroom techniques, materials and lessons for online instruction? Or, are you beginning to feel more confident but would like to polish your skills? Would it help to ask a fellow teacher who taught in a classroom for many years and online for over a decade?  These freely offered Q&A sessions are my way of giving back, sharing tricks from my tool bag with any interested educators. Please feel free to contact me to set up a time for a session.

Webinars this Spring

Join us for any of this spring’s webinars with Jennifer Seretan, a dynamic speaker with enriching information and interactive activities.

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Stressors and Temperaments: Mindfulness and Resilience

Project Learning (PLT)

Addressing Stress with the 4 Ms: Mindfulness, Maintaining a Positive Attitude, Meaningful Engagement and Movement

"Jennifer is a very energetic and great speaker."

- Participant